⭐About Us

MICEFIA was founded by Batu in the last quarter of 2022. It took a lot of investment and team members to visualize a story-based NFT project. For this reason, Batu went on an investor hunt in Istanbul. After about 10+ interviews he managed to get investment from ThisOne, who agreed to support him. ThisOne is a powerful web3 project hub established to gather creators, artists, collectors and professionals together.

"We believe that our strength comes from the years of experience of our team and our passion for creating. ThisOne was founded with inclusivity in mind. Our team composes different skill sets, experiences, backgrounds, and proficiencies. Additionally, ThisOne brings brands together and creates unique and influential partnerships. We believe in the power of teamwork and intelligence. That’s why we are calling it ThisOne. ThisOne is for all."

ThisOne owns a portion of the project's revenue share in first phase. After the launching of the MICEFIA, ThisOne's will have no right to speak and manage the MICEFIA. This investment includes liquidity, employee support, and permission to use partnerships. ThisOne is responsible for the Game, Story Materials and Token development that we mentioned in the Roadmap.

This has been finalized by the contract between Batu and ThisOne.

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