🧀Story: A life for cheese

Once upon a time, Parmesan City was the epitome of corruption, with a tyrant leader ruling with an iron fist. Everything revolved around power in this great city. Those who capitalized on the power had the means to shape the city into anything they wanted, no matter the cost. The citizens were oppressed and miserable, yearning for a better life. But their cries fell on deaf ears, and it became clear that they had to take matters into their own hands. The people of Parmesan City gathered together to start a revolution. They were determined to end the corruption that had taken hold of their city, to live under better conditions, and to have a society that was just and fair for all. Thus began the Parmesan Revolution, a rebellion against the corrupt authority that had held them captive for far too long. The people of Parmesan City united in force to overthrow their oppressors, but the cost of their efforts was great. The streets ran red with blood as they fought for their freedom, and the history books would forever remember the bravery and sacrifice required for this victory.

In the aftermath of their triumph, the people of Parmesan City recognized the importance of laying a foundation for a just and equitable society. They formed a council of 11 individuals to govern and ensure that the city would never again fall into the hands of tyranny. The council was anchored by the principle of fairness, and every decision was made by democratic voting, ensuring the city's equality and stability.

Parmesan City was divided into 14 districts, each controlled by a powerful leader, known by the street name of a Goldfather. The Council kept watchful eyes over these 14 individuals from the Isle of Cheese, monitoring the events in the city, the economy, and the welfare of the citizens. The Council was also in charge of the entertainment life of Parmesan City. It was more than a side hustle for them. It was the perfect means to feel the citizens’ pulse & control the City. However, the Council wasn’t the only party highly interested in the entertainment life. The figures & employees of the entertainment industry were the exotic & eccentric highlights of the City!

In Parmesan City, cheese production and distribution was the most crucial industry, and its primary resource was milk. The council members were in charge of producing and distributing Cheese, while the 14 Goldfathers took care of the production and transportation of milk. Special suitcases were designed to store the cheese, which were supplied by a council member, and the hierarchy of the city dictated the amount of cheese that one could earn. Nonetheless, the city was finally at peace, but it was not long before trouble began to stir.

As Parmesan City went from thick and thin, greed and power dynamics crept in, causing a disruptive force to meddle with the peace that the city had enjoyed for so long. The chaos began with the death of one of the wealthiest and most powerful councilmen, who was found dead with a bullet in his head. This councilman had been working on a new technology for the suitcases, but his secret died with him.

The council was shaken by this death; mistrust and suspicion settled in, and the once-united council broke into two factions. The Goldfathers followed the Council, and the district wars began. The cutthroat competition fueled a heist and other crimes to uncover the secret to the suitcases and riches that the deceased councilman had. The situation in Parmesan City worsened as the Council split into two factions, each blaming the other for the death of their fellow Council member. The Goldfathers, who controlled the 14 districts of Parmesan City, took sides with their respective Council members, resulting in district wars that ravaged the entire city. As the city plunged into chaos, the citizens found themselves at the mercy of the mafia, which had been eagerly waiting for an opportunity to establish its own rule.

Loyalties were tested, alliances forged and forgotten, and power was the only thing that mattered. The once peaceful and prosperous Parmesan City became a hotbed of criminal activities with the Goldfathers trying to outsmart each other by sabotaging each other’s milk hauls, resulting in a decrease in cheese production.

As the chaos continued to reign in Parmesan City, criminal activities became a norm. A few citizens began to take advantage of the situation, creating an underground market for Cheese addiction. The addiction was crippling, and the demand for Cheese became insatiable. The Goldfathers, who were in charge of the milk supply, were compelled to engage in underground Cheese production to keep up with the demand.

This was the start of a powerful new mafia in Parmesan City, the Cheesemongers. They were crafty and they knew how to make the addictive Cheese. As their power grew, their monopoly over the addiction grew too. They began to sabotage the Council’s factories, and the Cheese supply plummeted. As a result, the Cheesemongers were in complete control of the Cheese production and distribution.

As the Cheesemongers grew richer and more powerful, they became a force to be reckoned with in Parmesan City. They influenced every aspect of the city’s life, from politics to law enforcement. They created their own rules and enforced them themselves. The Cheesemongers even had the power to rival the Goldfathers and the Council.

The citizens of Parmesan City were left with no choice but to comply with the Cheesemongers' rules. The criminal activity was at an all-time high, and people lived in constant fear. Addiction ripped families apart, and the Cheesemongers were merciless in the control of their subjects.

As the years passed, the Cheesemongers’ control became more encompassing. It was no longer enough to control the Cheese market. They needed more power, and they began to infiltrate the Council. Slowly but surely, they managed to gain control of the Council. The once-great institution was now a puppet in the hands of the Cheesemongers.

The Cheesemongers saw the Council as their ticket to absolute power, but the Council members didn’t take kindly to being puppets. They formed alliances and coalitions to bring down the Cheesemongers, and a new war began. The Cheesemongers knew that any loss of power could mean the end of them. They used everything at their disposal to fight back, including their underground empire of spies, corrupted law enforcement officials, and the most dangerous of all, the Cheese addiction.

However, the citizens of Parmesan City didn't sit idly by while their leaders decided their fate. They started organizing small resistance groups and networks. The warriors among them knew what was at stake, they put the common good before individual comfort.

It wasn’t easy, but a resistance known as 'The Unsavory’ emerged as an opposition force fighting tirelessly against the Cheesemongers to protect people from this evil. The Unsavory stood up for each other against injustice no matter how much power corrupted those around them.

The resistance of the Unsavory grew in numbers and strength. In the end, war raged on for years. The Cheesemongers poured their resources into underground activities such as the production, distribution, and use of addictive cheese. They were the hunters and the hunted, all at the same time. A game of power and greed that came back full circle to consume them in the end. Eventually, the Unsavory were able to break the Cheesemongers’ hold on the Council and the Goldfathers. The city was brought back into a state of peace, and the people could breathe easily again. But they were left with scars from the years of turmoil and danger they had faced. The eventual downfall of the Cheesemongers is remembered forever as one of the darkest times in Parmesan City's history. The story of Parmesan City served as a reminder of the dangers of power, greed, and addiction, and the importance of fighting for justice and equality. After all the tormenting struggle and fight, the resistance and the citizens of Parmesan City chanted all together: “For Cheese that does not conquer, but liberates!”.

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