✨Why Cardano

Our team members have produced, served and invested in various blockchains at various times. When our team got together, they did community trials and launchpad applications on various blockchain networks.

When our project started to bear its first fruits, it was not determined which blockchain we would be on. While our partnership talks continue on the Solana and Ethereum network, we examined the communities of the projects. We wanted the content produced by MICEFIA to be valued as much as possible. We couldn't believe our eyes when we saw the activity in the Cardano NFT communities. After that, we contacted the JPGstore team and told them about our ideas. We ended our partnership talks with other networks when they said they would support us.

We, as MICEFIA, know very well that Cardano is at the beginning of the road. We believe that publishing our technological infrastructure and digital creations here will make us stronger in the future. As we continue to produce good contents, we aim to bring users from other networks to the Cardano ecosystem. As we always said "We build and grow together".

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